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Upload Limt Failed To Reset

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Hi - I hope someone can help a newbie here.


I’m an Evernote premium user.


I uploaded lots of large files to my EN accoint and pretty soon I hit the month’s 4GB limit. Given that I had many files still apparently transferring, I bought another 1GB for a month. That was filled immediately. Rather than buy more capacity, I decided to wait a few days until the end of my month when the upload limit would reset. 


That time has arrived. My monthly limit has reset, but I don’t have any capacity. It immediately says that I’ve used up all of this month‘s 4GB. That can’t be right. I am loathe to buy another 1GB as I have no means of knowing if that will solve it or if there’s a syncing problem or what.


Any ideas? Is there any way I can find out if it’s an EN problem or if I really do have a massive backlog of files to transfer? And if there is a backlog, how can I remove it?


Thanks in advance



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