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Macbook Sync Issues



Hi there,


I have Evernote on my macbook and iPhone and up until recently has been syncing ok. Now it won't sync at all between my phone and macbook.


I sent several queries to evernote who have responded by getting me to delete the app on my macbook and rebuilding the database, none of which has worked.


Anyone got any suggestions?



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If you're still talking to Support,  I'd recommend you report back and see what else they can suggest.  Getting tech advice from several different directions could cause more problems than it fixes.  Other than that,  your phone and macbook don't connect directly,  they go through Evernote's online server;  so I'd suggest creating a new test note on each device and syncing both.  Then check on your notes at Evernote.com to see which (if any) of the new notes made it to the server.  You need to work out which device has a problem before you can start fixing it...

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