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Not saving changes to notes within Windows client


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My wife's windows evernote client is not saving changes made in most notes.  If she makes a change to the top one in the list (most recently edited) it works normally.  If she makes changes to any other note in the list, clicks to another note, and goes back to the one she changed the changes are gone.  And I noticed that the one she changes does not move to the top of the recently edited list.  Works fine on web client, android, ios.  And my windows client is working fine.


I have tried reinstalling the windows client and it didn't help.  It has always worked fine up until a few days ago.


The issue is not with syncing between devices but changes not being saved on the windows client.


Any suggestions?

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Nope, I had already submitted a support ticket.  Their response was to just reinstall Evernote, which I had also already done.  Tried to follow up but never heard back.  She's just been using the web client.  I abandoned it completely.  Not impressed with support.  Or the user forum community...  Good luck.  Hopefully you get it figured out.  Let me know if you do.

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