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Evernote for Business Webinar... "FULL?"

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So I scheduled around your webinar - registered, received confirmation, etc...

Went to log in on PC - says its full.  Went to log in on iPad - says its full.


Much like your PenUltimate upgrades - your Webinars are handles in much the same manner.


Thanx for wasting my time.  Perhaps one day you will actually PLAN before you do something.

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Response back from them (email sent noting my discontent with them confirming my registration and then being locked out)...

Hi There,

I'm sorry that you weren't able to access the "Going Paperless with Evernote" webinar. Unfortunately, we can only accommodate a set number of people for the live session and we reached capacity very quickly. That said, we are going to send you the webinar recording within the next day, along with our how-to guide for going paperless.

Please note we are also hosting the same webinar on March 19th @ 4:30PM PST. The scheduling link is below.


We apologize for any inconvenience.
-  OBVIOUSLY this is being handled by the same genius that handled the updates which rendered the Jot Script (EN edition) useless..
You people need to pull you heads out of your attitudes and do something that benefits us - NOT wastes our time.
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