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Excel files not saving changes back into evernote


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I started using Evernote to store files related to projects I am working on.  My understanding was that if I opened that file from within the evernote note made changes and saved the document that the changes would be made to the document within the note.  Unfortunately none of the changes are populating into the document stored within the Evernote note.

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I just checked to make sure that this still works. It does for me.


You need to activate the attachment (spreadsheet in your case), and make your changes, and then save it (not Save As), and then exit Excel.


The way that this works is that Evernote copies the stored spreadsheet from the note to disk in a temporary location, then hands it off to the handling program (Excel in this case). When you save the file, you're saving to that temporary location, and Evernote sees that that file has changed, and pulls it back into Evernote. 

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