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(Archived) Tagging a Notebook - (Feature Request?)

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Have you thought of allowing notebooks to be tagged. I think this is a valuable search option. I use "Things" as well and not only can you tag an item you can tag a project so that all items in that project inherit the tag.

Use Case:

I have several notebooks in Evernote, some are work related (W_project1, W_project2, W_general) and some are personal (P_project1...). If I'm looking for all quotes from a supplier for all work-only projects, I'd want to do a search in all work related notebooks but not personal. If all my work related notebooks had the 'work' tag assigned and thus all notes within that notebook inherited the tag I could search for tags "work" and "quote" and text "company x" and find only work related quotes from company x.

I think this would speed up the entering process (don't have to tag each task work or personal) and make searching more flexible.

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