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Help Please: Move SOHO notes to EN

Eric Gold


Hi Folks!


I have many SOHO notes that are a mixture of text and inline PNG or JPEG images. I'd very much like these notes to appear the same way in EN after import.


I gather that I can export SOHO notes as either RTFD or PDF. RTFD is a no go I think, because the export ends up a a folder with the images separated out and no meta information to say where they should be placed inline. I thought PDF would work, but more often than not the import leaves me with the image as an attachment in the Mac client. Oddly enough, the web beta client shows a large thumbnail with the image inline, but the actual note has the image as an attachment.


On the advice in other posts in the forum I set my settings in the Mac client to always show inline, but the behavior remains inconsistent.





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Not the way I intended ... much better.

It turns out that using EN for mac, SOHO notes exported as RTFD will import perfectly with inline graphics into EN if the files are selected in the finder and the contextual menu choice 'Add to Evernote' is selected.


Drag and Drop, Print as PDF, or Export to EN from the contextual menu in SOHO all have one problem or another.


  1. So now my import task is very easy:
  2. I made a local 'import here' folder in EN
  3. One or more folders in SOHO are exported to the Finder to an empty folder
  4. All the files in the Finder are sent to EN with the contextual choice 'Add to Evernote'
  5. Tags are applied in a batch by selecting all the notes and dragging to each appropriate shortcut tag (I shoot for three tags.)
  6. Notes are moved to the primary folder
  7. The notes in the Finder are deleted

Wash and repeat

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