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Feature Request - Silent Camera Shutter Option



I would like an option to turn off the Evernote camera's shutter sound.

There's a few workarounds right now, here's why I prefer an actual feature:

Silence the phone:

This is my current workaround and it's relatively easy to do. The problem is there is never a situation when I need or want to hear the shutter sound on my camera when using Evernote. Switching back and forth throughout the day is a nuisance, and Evernote goes to great pains to make its user experience fantastic. There's no need for something this small to get in the way of that.

Force Evernote to use the phone's stock camera app or another camera app:

I cannot find this setting, and even if I could, I wouldn't use it. I really like Evernote's camera.

Turn off the stock camera's shutter setting:

It's already off, so this is not a solution for me.

I use the Galaxy S3 with Evernote, and I've seen users on the Note 2 with this issue as well.

So, if an official setting to turn off the Evernote camera's sound could be implemented, that would be much appreciated.

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It’s the year 2020 and Evernote makes still noises, when using the camera without there being a cure (iOS on iPad Pro)

evernote ignores the iOS silent mode settings, the device volume settings ( mute). 
In my world there us no use case for a camera sound: I simply see the image and decide whether I need to retake it based on the visuals. 
so if a camera silent switch is not possible, please abandon the noise 


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