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Sorry, Evernote - going to take a break... here's why

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Hey Evernote,


I'm a task list guy, but in its current form your platform just doesn't work for me. Here are two of the main reasons:


1) Synching between devices: seemingly just by leaving a note open on one device you're creating a conflict by editing it on another. This seems crazy. If both devices are online then the edits on one should show in real time on the other - as Google docs does. This applies to simultaneous edits by multiple users too. I tried getting other folks in my company to use it but we quickly ran up against this. If you're careful you can avoid this when using it solo by diligently closing all your notes before switching to another device but I found that remembering to do this became an overhead itself - and I like to keep task lists open on all devices, for when you suddenly remember you have to do something. Ages back, tasks in Outlook (and also in my Blackberry) worked really well for this - as I could add things on-the-fly.


2) The UX around notebook/note organization on the Mac (version 6.0.6) - to me, anyway, feels kinda cluttered. I haven't yet found a view that gives me a good feeling about how my tasks (and other data) are organized. Despite quite a few restarts and reorganizations I don't look at it and think 'I feel organized'. It's clear you guys have had a number of re-thinks around this and I hope you hit upon the right formula. How about a more dashboard (rather than file-system) oriented approach, with widgets visualizing your various categories of task outstanding? And a simple widget for quickly creating new ones?


If when I check back in a year or so you've solved #1 & 2 I'll eagerly give you guys another try. Feel free to hit me up for any specific detail around these if you like. Happy to help.





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