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Urgent Request: iOS-App-like Passcode Screen at Mac Programm Start



At the iPad-App, this is solved brillantly: Premium Users could activate a 4-Digit-PIN-Screen which asks for a PIN whenever you open the app.


Please add the same PIN-Screen in the MAC App: It is very important for millions of users to have some form of security, hindering other people reading your evernote notes whenever they start your computer or start the Evernote App.

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This has been discussed a lot on here. 


Evernote's opinion up to now is that you should take advantage of the operating system's own security. It's very simple to lock your computer, this will protect more than just your Evernote data.

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This opinion needs to change quickly, since it is opposing the users interests:


Much users like me use evernote on their workplace computer.

Sometimes my colleagues use my computer, and I do not want that they can open Evernote and read all my notes by just opening the app with no passcode security.


For the same reason, Evernote gave the iOS-App a passcode feature for premium users.

I (and multiple other users) just want the same for the Mac App.

That is no arrogant feature request, it is an evident one.


So, evernote, please go ahead with that in the next version.


Thank you!

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I'm not saying that it isn't a valid request. I'm just telling you what Evernote have said when this has been discussed before.


If other people are going to use your computer then you have multiple options, you can create a guest account and enable fast user switching or you can use the Evernote web client. If other people have access to your computer then a simple PIN code for the application is not going to prevent them from accessing your data.

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No, Bankrobber, you are wrong:


The same simple PIN code window as in the Evernote iOS App would help me and other users a lot in our daily workflow!!!


Since a) yes, it would stop my colleagues from "accidentaly" opening my Evernote notes.

And b.) using the Web Client is what I want to avoid by using the Mac App, and the avoidance of that use is also the reason for Evernote in making the Mac App.

Also c) there is no need and no interest for me to create empty guest accounts

Finally d) I am a paying Evernote user and I am asking for the most convinient solution for me and for others.


So please be so nice and support me in my friendly request!

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It's been discussed before and I'm just a user like you so I can't make anything happen at Evernote.


However, as a user I wouldn't support this request as I think it's half baked, a bit stupid and that there are other better solutions available.

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So I have one question for you, you very nice and charming Mr. Bankrobber:


Why in the world is the PIN-Security-Screen a Premium Feature for Premium Users of the Evernote iPhone-App?


Very excited for your answer!

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Because iOS doesn't support multiple users so there are no options apart from device level security, therefore Evernote provide a passcode option. OS X has user security at the OS level and it is far more secure option.


This really isn't that hard to understand or work with. If you have information on your computer and you have to share the machine with other people then set up a guest account and fast user switching. If you want to protect your notes when you are not in front of your computer then set up the screen lock. 


Both options are very easy to do and offer you far more protection than an app level PIN code.

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The workflow of me and my colleagues is totally different to yours - you should please be a more emphatic and tolerant!

Why couldn't you just say: Other people have there good reasons in asking for a passcode feature - let me try to understand and support that...


I pray that you don't work for Evernote, since I urgently need this same security feature as in the iPhone App in the Evernote Mac App, because otherwise (I would regret that, because Evernote is mostly brillant!) I have to search for other software with more customer-minded, emphatic staff...

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Why should I?

I don't work for Evernote and I've spent time explaining to you how you can get around your problem. Instead, you continue to ask for a really weak solution. I'm definitely not going to support a bad idea.

As we are both users I'm sure our opinions carry equal weight. I'd guess that given that there is currently no app PIN code that Evernote agree with me.

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Except if you just sign out of Evernote, all of your data can still be viewed using Finder, your note titles are visible in Spotlight and if you have 2FA turned on, each time you sign in you'll get a new text message etc before you can get to your data.


Not my idea of the best option.

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Signing out is the best option if you wouldn't like someone to be able to view your data with the Evernote application. 

Which is the solution to miketyson's request, but miketyson's request fails to acknowledge the fact that all of that data is still completely vulnerable to anyone who happens to have access to his computer's user account, even if he has logged out of Evernote. 


As I see it, short of having Evernote place local Evernote data in a totally sandboxed password protected container which I do not think is possible, there is no way that Evernote can actually legitimately address the issue. The ONLY way to address the issue is to have separate user accounts on the computer, a practice that has so many more benefits than just protecting Evernote data, all the sympathy in my bones does not allow me to understand why this isn't a practical solution. 

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