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Typing become slow in just a few minutes



I'm using Evernote Mac client. The thing is, for months since Evernote have updated the design to tasteless UI, typing on Evernote have become very annoying.


I'm a fast typist, and I love to be able to move my cursor using directional key (up, left, right, down) quickly. But, when I start typing on Evernote for a few minutes, the keyboard response will become super slow compare to when I just start typing. The slowness happens when you hold the directional key down to navigate through multiple characters, to the point where moving mouse or repeatedly click the navigation key has become a faster method.


To solve this, I have to click any other note and get back to the current note I have been typing and the cursor will become faster again, for another few minutes.


If Evernote's core product is the note-taking, then this should be priority.

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14 minutes ago, Damian IOE said:

I wonder if there is just a bad record in my database?

You could look at the Activity Log to see if there's any information relating to the slowdown
Keep it open while you're working

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Is this solved? I have the same issue. I cannot work anymore in Evernote, the beach ball is fkn annoying. Copying and pasting text, highlighting - everything simple is just so resource demanding and gives me the beach ball for about 10 seconds. Restarting my MacBook Pro 15 Retina i7 2.2 Late 2013, El Capitan, will help for about 5 minutes and then again.  I'm editing 4K video on that machine and now Evernote can't handle copy-pasting text? Nice.

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