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Only using Evernote Web Client on small laptop

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Hello everyone,


I'm a new Evernote user and finding it really useful. I just want to check whether my initial plan for using Evernote is actually going to work (apologies if my question seems obvious or silly).


I currently access Evernote on my desktop computer at home and I'm planning on also using it on a laptop that I travel with (that has relatively small local storage space).


I'm thinking that in order to perserve the very little local storage I have on my laptop, I'll just use Evernote's web client rather than installing the software and using it that way.


Would this allow me to still access what's in my Notebooks now, edit them, add additional notes, et cetera? Is this the best way to approach this?


Thanks for your time,



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So long as you have Internet connectivity, you can do a lot of the same things as using a desktop client. There are differences though, and there are actually two web clients currently. The old one is more capable at some things. Depends on what you're trying to do, too; at this point, I prefer that one over what they're calling the "web beta". I'd suggest that you try them both out before you actually hit the road with Evernote and have no choice.

When you say ""little storage", how much are we talking about here? How much data do you have in your notes database?

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Hi Jeff,


Thanks for your prompt response. I only have about 10 gigs free left on the hard drive of my laptop. It was a pretty cheap laptop and I only use it once or twice a week when I'm not at home for some basic typing. That might be enough space (I'm not really sure), but it just seems so small compared to my monster desktop computer at home. What do you think?


And on the advice about testing the new and old web clients available, I'll definitely do that. I've always got internet connectivity in the places I go so accessibility shouldn't be an issue. You've alleviated some of my concerns.


Appreciate your response and advice.

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You're welcome. Just by way of comparison, I have roughly 6400 notes in my personal account, and the total of my Evernote data directory is about 5.3GB, of which about 1.5GB is old versions of the Evernote installation programs that accumulate in one of the folders, dating back as far as December 2012; there some other extraneous stuff as well. The actual database storage is about 2.9GB, so depending on your own note database, you might have enough for awhile, until you can verify your web client workflow.

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