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Reminders missing from Notifications icon in Desktop version...?



Forgive me if I missed this while searching the forums....


I've begun using Reminders again, but am stymied about where to find them quickly (read: not having to scroll all the way to the top of the Notes list, then scroll back down through all the Reminders to find the correct one).


Didn't they used to appear in the Notifications window that opened when you clicked on the small satellite dish icon? Could swear that was the case...and sure wish it was now.

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The only thing I can think of is to create a Reminders search, and put it at the top  of your Shortcuts in the Left Panel.


It's been so long since I created a custom search, I don't recall how.


Also...you can add a search (not just a note) to the Shortcuts list? Didn't realize that. Great tip! (Even after using EN for years, there are still things to learn, hmm?)

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To create a saved search:

  1. Enter search terms into Search box
  2. Goto Edit > Find > Save Search

Once the search is saved, click in a blank Search box, and the list saved searches is shown.

Click and drag the saved search to the Shortcuts list.

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