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synch outlook contact list with Evernote

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I frequently use the Share feature in Evernote to forward a note to someone.  I always have to manually type in the e-mail address.  Surely there is a way to access my Outlook address book or import a copy of it?





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I don't believe such a feature exists in Evernote.


Buy, hey, why are you manually typing email addresses? How about this? - - - Switch to Outlook. Find the contact. Copy his/her email address. Switch back to Evernote. Paste it where you need it.


Yes, it takes a few steps, but I can do it faster than manually typing an email address.


Or, it that seems like too much trouble to you, export your contacts to a text file, open it, copy the whole thing, and paste it into a new Evernote Note. - - - That way you can use Evernote's search function to find a person and his/her email address.

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Work Chat will interface with Gmail contacts,  and I think it's pretty easy to get your Outlook contacts into Gmail if you wish,  or if you're sharing with a group of friends or work colleagues,  why not grab a mailing list from an email somewhere and save it to a note.  Copy one or more email addresses as necessary (separate with a comma) to paste into the share dialogue.  Keep your 'master list' note for future shares.

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