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I use to be able to move seamlessly from one page to another in a notebook. Am I right that I have to go to the thumbnails to change pages? This slows me down when I'm taking notes. What happened?




Within a note (previously called a notebook), two-finger swipe up to expose the next page and two-finger swipe down to expose the previous page. You can also use the thumbnail tray to navigate more quickly between pages.


I hope this helps.




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I'm fairly new to Penultimate, I've only been using it a few months. I would LOVE to be able to swipe between pages in my notebook instead of having to go out to the thumbnails view. I tried the two-finger swipe and all that does is take me between pages of the individual note, not the notes within the notebook. 

I have a page in my notebook for each day of the week and right now I cannot swipe between today, yesterday or another days in my notebook. It's more than a little frustrating. 

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