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S-Pen and Action Memos Integration

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I want to be able to use Action Memos and S-Pen Notes in Evernote (the Air Command makes it easy).  My Galaxy Edge does sync them to Evernote however when they're in Evernote they're read only and you cant create tags for them which seems a bit barmy.


Is there are way of at least being able to add tags?





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That sort of thing does happen with notes created in external apps.  I've seen warnings that I won't be able to edit a note in the original app if I go ahead and edit it,  but I don't think I've been locked out of changing a note altogether.  Here's more on read-only notes https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/read_only_notes.php


If you are locked out of making changes,  can you add your comments and tags to a new note,  and then merge that with the other one?

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Seems a shame to have to do that, too many steps for what should be seamless integration.  Seems bonkers that I cant add tags to a read-only note at the very least.  Don't want to have to create a new note and then have to merge it.  I take loads of notes during the course of a working day so it would be a waste of time

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