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REQUEST Mac Shortcut "Move to Next Note" & other w/i (Note) List shortcuts





This is my first post.  I usually find the answer to my questions, but not this time.


I am undertaking an Evernote clean up and have decided to update tags for all my notes.  Many are currently untagged.


So I go to "Top list view" and click on "tag" and the untagged notes are now grouped together.  I click on a note and the selected note opens at the bottom of the screen.  I can then add my tag on the opened note.  But when I want to move to the next note, I have to engage the mouse and go to the top of the screen and click.  I have to do this over and over. This hurts my wrists.  Please help!


A program that makes me use the mouse over and over is not ergonomically friendly and is ultimately unwieldy for me.




1- Move to next note (defaulting to next note in the note list)


2- Add tags (from within a note).  Also short cuts to make it easier to navigate to different sections of the notes while editing; Edit tags; Edit title.


3-If I select multiple notes in the note list, I get the merge widget but when complete the merging,  I have to click with the mouse back on the list.  Again, some way to complete this action or move to the next note (request 1) would be helpful.


I have seen older posts requesting some or all of these items, but to the best of my knowledge they have not been implemented.


Maybe someone has answers to these that I have not found?


Many thanks,


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If I understand correctly, you are editing a note and want to jump to the next note in the note list and then add a tag to that note. Here’s how you’d do that with the keyboard:


1. Press Cmd-| (That’s cmd-shift-\) to move to the note list.

2. Press the down arrow to move to the next note

3. Press Cmd-' to move to the note’s tags field

4. Type the new tag


Does that help?

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