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Accumulating Clips - EasyClip



I know that notes can be combined within Evernote.  I would like, however, to accumulate small clips and post them to Evernote as a single note, rather than having to switch to Evernote to do it manually.


I haven't found any options to accumulate clips in Evernote, but I have found some extensions in Chrome that seem to provide that functionality.  One example is EasyClip.  I would like to confirm that Evernote doesn't have this functionality as I would much prefer using Evernote's native capabilities rather than an extension.  


Given the possibility that Evernote doesn't provide this functionality, I would appreciate any comments on EasyClip, or similar options.






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Hi.  I'm not clear why it's more effort to clip small items - if these are web page clips,  then surely clicking the elephant icon doesn't switch to Evernote.  It may pop up a note after clipping,  but you may be able to turn that off. 


Certainly,  if you can collate a number of clips into one document / page / image then it can be attached to a note - but bear in mind that there is a single-note limit on size (25MB free / 100MB premium) and parge notes are more difficult to edit and navigate.  I don't do collated clips,  so I can't speak as to the benefits or otherwise of individual apps.

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Thanks for the comments.


I may be missing something, but any clip that I take triggers a separate note.  If I want to clip several things on a related subject into one note, I have to leave my web browser, go to Evernote, highlight the various clips (in the right order) and then combine them.


Assume, for example, that I'm reading an article on a web site that splits the article into separate pages (let's say 2 pages) and that I get them on a single page (say by using the print option).  I'd like to be able to clip the first page, then clip the second page and have it added to the same note as the first page.  


Another, perhaps better example, would be an article on recommended restaurants.  I might want to clip only a few of the restaurant recommendations, but I would want them all in the same note.  I realize that I can just save each one as a separate note and then search to find them, but having them in one place is more convenient.  The other option is to manually combine them, which I definitely want to avoid.


It seems odd to me that this feature doesn't exist (if, indeed, it doesn't).  Most articles,etc. are 90+% fluff (usually more) and I would think that a lot of people would want to pick key ideas out of the article and keep them together in one place.  


Your point about the total size limit is very sound, but I rarely clip anything that would create any problems.





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I see your point,  but when I clip several things from one site (which I do occasionally) I'll grant that if they're quotes I'd clip a 'signature' part of the site - the masthead,  or something from the 'about' page,  and get that into a new note.  Then I'll highlight and copy subsequent sections below that first one,  using normal copy and paste from the browser to the note.  Mostly that works,  sometimes it doesn't,  then I'll clip separate notes,  which I do more and more because they're tied together by the URL if nothing else.


If I need to find all the clips from one page,  then "sourceurl:<yoururl>" (without the quotes) will get me all clips from that domain or page.  If the clips have a common theme,  or common language,  then a normal search on text will turn up all the accounting,  or fishing,  or whatever clips I have.  Come to that clips from the same page will be close in time,  so sorting my notes list by created date will group them anyway...


I'm just lazy I guess,  but clipping works for me.  :)

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Thanks for the additional comments.  


We seem to use the same system for collecting related notes, so it's a fair guess that Evernote doesn't provide that functionality.  


I'll try one or two of the Chrome Extensions.  The one I mentioned earlier has a lot of positive reviews, so perhaps it will be the solution.

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