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Way too easy to delete notes x2




I have two requests regarding how notes are deleted or moved into Trash in EN for Mac 6+.
1) First, there should be a confirmation pop-up dialogue of some sort before anything is moved to the trash. It is far too easy to think you are hitting "delete" in the search window when searching for notes to later realize you were actually moving notes to the trash.
2) Much bigger issue....I discovered the hard way. I inadvertently used CMD-Delete with a note selected- it doesn't just move the note to Trash, it complete removes it from the entire program, again with no confirmation. This is entirely too dangerous a way of forever deleting documents that are only secured in Evernote without any backups.
I love being to get things easily into EN, however, it should NOT be this easy to delete the things that I spend a lot of time curating.
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It shouldn't be that easy to destroy your work, but Evernote makes it that easy. 


And the sad part is they will probably never fix this, or the hundreds of other bugs in their software. 

Some people are saying that Evernote is past its sell-by date, and that smart people would be well advised to back up their data elsewhere-- before it all disappears. 

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i recommend not deleting notes, putting them into an archive or something else, but if you do it, move them to the trash carefully. it has, in my opinion, always been easy to trash things in evernote.

whatever you do with evernote, you should have backups, which are easy to make on the mac using time machine (free mac software + inexpensive external drive).

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The problem is unintentional deletion of Notes.  


Since the Mac "Delete" key is also the "Backspace" key, accidents can easily occur.  As @lbean mentioned, it is very easy to hit the "backspace" key thinking you are in the Search box (or other text area) when in reality you are not in a text area, and thus your keystroke is translated as a DELETE, which deletes your without warning, or even a notification after the fact.


While backup is very easy with TM, restoring a single note is very difficult.  Restore of Evernote is NOT a standard TM restore.


I'm currently using/evaluating Revert.io, a Cloud-based service which does provide a true restore of a Note, a Notebook, or the entire account, all made very easy.

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If anyone is interested in seeing some discussion of this problem from a few years back, they can check out the following threads. The delete issue has been raised before, and there have been suggestions for improvement, but Evernote developers have decided not to adopt them. I am sure they have their reasons, but perhaps they will revisit the decision at a later date. In the meantime, I recommend backups.






If you don't understand Time Machine or have trouble recovering notes, see these posts. I have found it quite easy to locate individual notes. Your mileage may vary. But, it is very difficult to restore data without a backup, so I think Time Machine is an easy, free step.








Also, you might be able to find stuff in purgatory. I have not tried to restore from here, and I don't even know if purgatory is still around, but it is a possibility.



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This might be a silly question but I'll put it out there: Does the Premium version of Evernote have the same behaviour with the delete key?


I too find it is too easy to accidentally delete notes when I am only trying to backspace in a note.

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