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Looking for the best EN Win Desktop Stable Release

Giandomenico Bisaccia

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Hi! I'm new in the forums, have been an Evernote user since august 2014.

I've always kept my evernote windows desktop client up-to-date, but as of now, I'm not quite satisfied with it.

My DB consists of 300-some notes - so not that big at all - and I'm running the desktop client on a fresh new laptop, yet just scrolling around or writing is not at all a fluent activity.


I thought, maybe if I go back to some releases ago - EN 4.X? EN 5.X? - I may enjoy a better offline environment, given that I don't really care about Context or Work chat or other technologies implemented recently.

Thus, I'm asking to EN die-hard, power users: which is, according to you, the best EN stable to download and work on? Would it work for me to install it and use it for everyday use from today on?

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