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Assigning WebClipper Shares To Specific Task/Note;Android



This is my first time posting long time user. I've been an extremely heavy user of s notes on the Samsung devices. I have recently started using Evernote as someone recommended it as a unique way of syncing all of my notes. Little did I know I've managed to fall completely in love with this application. The one thing that I can't seem to replicate is when I share a image, clipping using Samsung's proprietary aoftware/SPen, choosing EverNote dies not allow me to specify a Notebook/Task/Note. It only allows me to choose a folder. In the samebturn, it creates a new note. Is there a way to MERGE the new note w/ an existing note or is there a way to choose the note to append/add it when sharing it to Evernote?

All this is done on my mobile Android/Note 4 w/ Subscription to EverNote.

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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area.

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Hi.  It's possible to merge notes in Evernote Desktop (just select both/ all notes and choose Mergetree),  and if you can send a clip by email it can be appended text/ pictures to an existing note (put a " +" at the end of your subject line - http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23480523 for all the options)


I've played with S Note (Galaxy SG3) but eventually got frustrated by the differences between it and Evernote and gave up.  My brain's only just big enough to (mostly) retain one set of menu and keystroke combinations...

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