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Can't PAY Evernote -------------------------

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It's unfortunate that I now to the point of great frustration. 


I'm trying to renew my Premium account. 


The system is NOT reading my credit card ... it's acting like I've not entered anything. 

Attached screenshot. 

Yes I've tried different browsers.

Yes the credit card is correct. 

Yes the system is saying it's expired --- it's not


I've triple checked my credit card. 



So I select Paypal option ... however it doesn't give me that ability to pay using it. 


Then I send 3 support tickets to Evernote in the past 3 days ... NO response. 


Then I try to use the Chat option .... I click on it .. and a new tab opens up with the same form to fillout, not allowing me to chat with anyone. 


Then I search for a support phone #. 


Can't believe how much of my personal time I've wasted trying to pay Evernote. 


Is there a human ready to take my money? 



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If you submitted a payment issue support request* you should have at least one acknowledgement ticket number.  Please post your ticket number here for the forum admins to have a look at...


* To report a payment issue choose exactly that in the first dropdown after logging into this link > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

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Thanks for the help.  I figured I'd try to pay on my Android and that was successful, since it defaulted to using Google Play.


Evernote has a very faulty online payment gateway. 


I can't imagine how many others are frustrated paying and giving up.


#1 rule in e-commerce --- don't make it hard for your buyers to pay you. 


Thanks again for the help here.



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