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Images, PDFs are a No Show


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Very odd issue. Pictures, pdfs and the like clipped from the web no longer show up in Evernote. I tried going to the link preserved with the note, reclipped using Clearly and Web Clipper (in Chrome). I also selected all and did a copy and paste. Multiple web sites involved. Generally the PDF was saved to Evernote.


Nothing gives me the pictures, pdfs and other things that I assume come through as images. This is recent, not sure how long. It's like a setting got changed - seems consistent across the notes - but I can't figure it out.


I should add that if I use the snippet view or the card view, in those views I can see the image/pdf but in the actual note I can't.

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Are you using EN windows desktop,  or EN web via a browser?  If you're on desktop,  have you checked your notes in the web version?  Are they the same?  And have you uninstalled and reinstalled the app?

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I am using a desktop. I didn't check the web version. However, I believe I have solved the problem. I deleted a couple programs I recently gave access to and for good measure rebooted again. It is working at the moment. I will keep those suggestions in mind in the future. Thanks.

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