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(Archived) Renewal processing - ??

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Ok, I signed up for premium and it only had 3 days left to renew, but I cannot find a place on the site to renew.

The information provided a year ago is no longer any good so I need to do something to get it renewed.

I do NOT want to lose my premium account, and the data stored in it!

There ought to be a way to update billing information, choose not to renew for those that want that, manually renew, etc.

HELP, please.

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If your Premium account is ever downgraded to Free, you won't lose any of your existing notes. Converting back to Free will just change the limits on new notes you create each month.

If you purchased your Evernote subscription via PayPal or Google Checkout, it should automatically renew at the end of the year. If not, you'll receive an email when your account is converted to Free, and you can go online to re-subscribe.


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