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...GTD - complex search for today, next, soon, later, someday

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i am new to Evernote


i have the following structure for when my tasks are do









i also have a tag completed


how do i create a search that enables me to do the following


 1-Today or 2-Next or 3-Soon or 4-Later or 5-Someday and none of these should have the tag completed


thank you so much 



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Please do not post the identical question twice. I posted an answer in your other topic already.

apologies - i'm very new to evernote and computer forums - i misunderstood you when you suggested i contact others using GTD - i thought that changing the title would attract members of the GTD community who might suggest ways that others are searching their action items

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Ah, OK. I was suggesting that you do a forum search (the search box at the top right of the forums) for the term "GTD" so that you can locate existing topics in the forum, and read what's there, or ask questions of people who are familiar with using GTD and Evernote. You can also do a web search on "evernote gtd"

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