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Feature Request: Easy Dropbox Dropoff

Chad Lawson



I've said it before on here and I'll say it again: I LOVE this app!

I do, however, have another feature request. I would like much easier integration into Dropbox. I have two other scanner apps that shall go nameless that have Dropbox (and/or other cloud services) link options for one-click saving.

Getting to Dropbox in Scannable is no easy feat and requires multiple clicks. I'd love a one-click option where I can authorize Scannable->Dropbox communication and... go...

Thanks for listening,


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I go on a small shopping spree and bring back 5 receipts.  I scan them all into Scannable but then have to manipulate them one at a time into Dropbox.  Is there a way that Scannable can see that I have 5 receipts scanned and send each as a separate file to Dropbox with just a single action?  Thank you.

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If you post a feature request,  it gets noted by the staffers reading the forums,  but since there are quite a lot of posts each day,  unless you actually ask a question,  us compulsive posters will skip the request and move on to someone with a problem...  the tumbleweed blowing through here suggests casual readers who do use Scannable don't use DropBox all that much...

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+1 - right now the Dropbox integration is barely usable. It doesn't remember that you chose Dropbox, and within Dropbox it doesn't remember the folder you were in. Way too much work to scan documents in bulk and click 6 times to put them in the right place.

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