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Having invested in Evernote for couple of years, it really bugs me that the Windows Desktop app has become such a memory hog. 

everytime I startup the app invariably ends with a 'Not Responding' status for many minutes, syncing is damn slow and scrolling is unpredictable. 


I've removed the shortcut, and accessing EN exclusively through the Web app that is refreshingly better than the native app ! 

If this works I might actually uninstall the desktop app and not use EN offline.


My questions are :


  1. Is EN addressing these issues ? I remember a while ago the CEO promised considerable updates - are the fixes present in any of the betas ?
  2. How do we export all the notes in EN in a neutral human readable format ? Do we have an option to export to PDF etc ?


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You can export a single note, a selection of notes, a notebook, or all notes to HTML, which may or may not fit your definition of "neutral human readable". Make a selection of notes, a notebook, or All Notes, right click and select "Export Notes..."


HTML export will lose some information: notebook and tags being most prominent among them.


There is plenty of discussion in the forums on this topic. Search the forums for "export notes", for starters...

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