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Naming Photographs Scanned with ScanSnap


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Hi, just starting to use the scanner today, and I noticed all the photos come in with the generic timestamp note name. Since I've scanned quite a few of them, I want to name them something like Summer Camp 1, 2, .., 45, etc


How should I best go about doing this?




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Hi.  Is this the Evernote Edition ScanSnap,  or the plain vanilla version?  I can speak for the latter - if you're using ScanSnap Manager - the software installed with the scanner - it's possible to check and rename the scanned document before it's saved to folder,  or sent to Evernote.  It's better (MHO) to scan to folder rather than direct to Evernote - it gives you a chance to edit and merge scans / OCR / rename files / rotate pages,  and generally do some housekeeping before hitting your upload allowance.

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