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Premium Feature: Customize Your Homescreen

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There are a variety of Widget displays which may help,  and you can embed links to individual notes,  or use the customiseable widgets which link to specific activities like 'voice note' or 'document camera',  but the actual opening view of the app isn't (yet) adjustable.  If you tap the three dots though you should have -


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Yeah, I contacted support about this.  Getting rid of the "Market" and "Explore Evernote" items on the menu was one of my main reasons for upgrading to Premium.  Having no way to remove them is a really awful design decision since screen real estate is really limited on mobile devices.  The fact that the capability used to be there, and someone made the decision to take it away ... can't say I understand that.


Since, as I said, screen space is limited, it is really important to give users just what they most commonly need in those top-level locations.  "Market" and "Explore Evernote" are not two every-day-use items.


Anyway, the response from support was that the blog post was old, and that they have since removed the ability.

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