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How do I disable Clipper prompt after copy on each new page


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Browser: Chrome 40.0.2214.115 m

Web Clipper Version: 6.3 (0e0702f/


Everytime I have a new page I'm visiting and I select some text and hit Ctrl+C (Copy) a little prompt (see attached) that says:




Clip important things with the Evernote Web Clipper


Select any content on a webpage and then click the Web Clipper button in the toolbar to save it.


Clip Selection


It doesn't even matter if I've already clipped using the browser before.


I can't find anything in the 'options' to disable this prompt but it is really annoying to have that show up everytime I try to copy some text on a webpage.


Is there a way to disable that prompt from showing up >WITHOUT< having to disable the entire clipper?





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Hi sheri,

We're aware of some issue with the prompt and will remove it in the next release. I don't have a date for you at the moment. 

This prompt uses local storage to keep track if you have seen it or not and should only come up if you haven't used the Clipper in the last 25 days. If you have utilities or other extensions that clears cache and/or local storage regularly you may want to add an exception for Evernote until the next release comes out. 


Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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