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Evernote Skitch link fails on Android

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I have been working with the latest versions of EN and Skitch for half a year, loading PDF's into evernote, opening them with skitch annotating them and saving them, it always worked fine. Now I got a new tablet (samsung tab 4 as opposed to samsung tab 3) and suddenly my annotations won't save anymore. When I open a PDF from an EN note to skitch all tools work fine, but when I hit ready, and reopen the pdf afterwards all annotations are gone! Can this be fixed and how?





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Hi.  The first thought is always that there's something wrong with the installed package.  There's no obvious reason why something which works in one version of an Android tablet should have difficulty working on another from the same stable.  Please make sure that your current notes have synced with the server and remove/ restart/ reinstall Evernote.  Meantime it would be good to hear from any other Tab 4 users whether they have any similar issues...

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