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REQUEST: Make Assignment of Tags Work like in EN Win/Mac



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REQUEST:  Make EN Chrome Clipper Assignment of Tags Work like in EN Win/Mac


In both EN Win and EN Mac, when assigning a Tag to a Note, typing the name of the tag causes Evernote to autocomplete the tag name as I type.  When the autocomplete matches the tag I want, all I have to do is hit the RETURN button.  This makes it fast, easy, and accurate to assign tags.


In the Chrome EN Clipper, as I type it shows matches in a list below, but does NOT autocomplete in the tag field, even if there is only one choice.  Thus, I must first click the down arrow until I have selected the actual tag, and then hit RETURN.


I realise that this might seem small and trivial, but it comes down to muscle memory.  Since I assign most tags in EN Mac, my muscles have learned to hit RETURN as soon as the tag is found.  But with Chrome, I have to remember to hit the down arrow first.


As I'm sure you guys know, the more consistent the UI is across all Evernote apps/clippers, the easier it is to use for us users.


This is not a huge deal that needs urgent attention.  But maybe you could put it on your enhancement list for Chrome to include in the next major update to the Chrome clipper.


Let me say that, in general, I love the way the Chrome EN Clipper works, and I use it many times a day.

Thanks for a great product.

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