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Evernote on Windows is not syncing

Marilyn Gordon

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I've put in a ticket and am still waiting over the past couple of weeks to get some help on why the message "Failure to sync due to unexpected behavior at the client end".  I have followed all the instructions given on the knowledge base and nothing works.  This is the first time I've had trouble with this.  My latest notes are not showing up on evernote.com.  I'd appreciate any help.  Thank you!!


Marilyn Gordon

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Hi.  You tagged this as an Android issue,  are you looking at Evernote.com on a desktop device,  or on a tablet?  If you're using the Android device for general note taking it must be holding some notes that haven't synced with the server yet.  If there aren't too many of those,  you could try sending the notes by email to your Evernote email address to get them into your account.  Beware updating Evernote in the meantime - your unsynced notes aren't exactly safe where they are,  and you need to get them to the server somehow as soon as you can.


You may have done some or all of this already,  but just in case not..



  • your account on the tablet and on Evernote.com for items in the Trash notebook.  Delete anything you find there.
  • for Conflicting Changes notes and correct/ delete any unwanted copies.
  • your upload allowance - have you reached or exceeded your total for the month?
  • your note sizes - anything bigger than 25MB (free) / 100MB (premium)?
  • the Activity Log - any clues there as to the reason for failed syncs?
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