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Can I turn off all syncing? If I'm connected to the internet, can I enable some kind of offline mode?



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I'm on my Mac laptop. 


My internet connection is through a USB modem. Right now, if I want to use Evernote, I have to disconnect from the internet so I don't use data, then quite Evernote and reconnect. It's kind of a pain.

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If you're using Evernote on any other device you'll want to make sure that all changes have been synced to this laptop before you edit further.  You should find several sync option in 'preferences',  but AFAIK there's no way to guarantee that Evernote won't reach out to download information or to save it except by disabling the internet connection.

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As you're new to the Forum, and your posts in this thread don't clarify how long you've been using Evernote (EN), how experienced you are with the EN App, or how Sync works, please keep in mind that I'm responding with the assumption that your new to both. And even if you're not, I try to frame my answers so they make sense to any newbies who may come across this thread later.

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I have limited internet data per month and I don't need Evernote to constantly sync every time I open the application.


Is there some way to turn off all syncing or enable some kind of offline mode?




To answer you question, yes, there is a way to turn off syncing in both EN Mac and EN Win.

In EM Mac, goto Evernote > Preferences > Sync, and set "Sync my notes with Evernote" to "Manually".


You may want to explore tehe other tabs on the Preferences.  For example, the "Software Update" tab has a checkbox for checking for updates.  You may want to uncheck this box.

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