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Can not delete tags


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I deleted someone elses notebook from my account - but still there are tons of tags. They make my system cluttered.

I cannot delet this tags - the delete is grayed out.

At my online account these tags are gone.





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Try this:

* In the Evernote Windows client, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the Help menu

* Down at the bottom, you should see some new commands -- these are the special customer support commands

* You should see a command named "Delete Unused Linked Tags". That's the one you want: it should delete tags from linked notebooks (notebooks shared to you, or previously so) that are not in use any more

* Once that's done, you may still see the tags until you sync again, or maybe shut down Evernote (File / Exit) and restart it. 


If you're cautious about your note database, and you should be, you should probably back up your notes before doing this.

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