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5.8.3 version appears to be unstable

Starwood Technologies

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Hmmm, not seeing that, on 2 separate machines. I get occasional pauses, but that's been true for awhile, and certainly not anywhere near 3-5 minutes. Maybe 20-30 seconds, max, and not all that often.

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So far the test that has allowed me to move on has been to delete the note that this was occurring with. I managed to copy and paste content to Notepad, then again from there to a new note in EN and so far the note has not caused EN to hang. Is it possible I had a 'bad note'? That's never happened before. Usually the application is rock solid.


I'll continue to test through the day and see if it repeats on the new note or on others.


Notable - There was no content I would consider to be complex in the note itself. It was text with some simple markup like bolding, and hyperlinks that were created in EN, and not pasted in from elsewhere.

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