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Request: Better Note Link workflow



The current workflow for embedding Note Links is:

  1. Copy the Note Link from a selected note
  2. Paste the link into a second note's text

This workflow is oriented around organization rather than creation: you need to have the detail note in place before you can create a link in another note.  I'm sure this is great for many tasks, but it is very poor for top-down planning or creation.  For this, I think a workflow like the following would be better (admittedly, there's a bit of work in this...):

  1. Optionally, select some text in a note
  2. Choose Create Note Link from a menu
  3. If the user selected some text
    1. If there's no note with that name, create it
    2. If there is one, link it
  4. Otherwise allow the user to chose a note and link it

This flow is similar to how a lot of wikis work and so will be natural to many people.


You could have both of these workflows and thus support Evernote for both organization and creation tasks.

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Totally agree.  That's close to how a Wiki creates new notes - add text formatted in one or two special ways - LikeThis or [like this] - and MediaWiki will show a blue link if a note exists with that title,  and a red one if the page is yet to be created.  Click the red link to add more detail.  It's insanely useful to be able to type a top-level summary of something,  then go back and explain the jargon and technical terms where necessary in more detail.  That sort of layout also means that readers can scan through the main text to get an overview,  then check comprehension / learn more about any aspects on which they're hazy.


Evernote did say they were looking at note linking,  and I was hoping that might be linked (excuse sad pun) to the Editor re-write that Mac have now had,  though us Windites are still waiting.  But sadly if Mac are still stuck with Copy Note Link it looks like we're still waiting...

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