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Feature Request - Ability to sort columns in Import Folders Box


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I would like to request the following feature - The ability to sort the columns in the Import Folders dialog box. This would allow you to find the import folder you are looking for quickly especially if you have a large number of folders that you are managing. Also the dialog box or columns should be sizeable.

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Hi.  Can you give us a little more background as to why you need to access the folder details after it has been created?  When I have several import folders I tend to call them something relevant,  then I can list them in Windows Explorer in name or creation date order...

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I was refering to the Import Folder dialog box in which all of your import folders are listed along with action steps.

When you have a large number of folders that you are importing into, it would be helpful if the folder list can be sorted.

What happens now, is evrytime you add a new import folder, it places that entry at the bottom of the list.


Here is an example...

Say I have a windows folder structure as follows:

Capital One






Now let's say I've setup evernote to import from the 2013 folder. So it makes an entry in the import folder dialog box.

Now I add a bunch of additional folders to be imported. These too are added to the import folder dialog box.


Now I decide to add 2014 - well that entry is at the bottom of the list.

If you then had the ability to sort the folder list, then 2013 and 2014 would be grouped next to each other in the list.


It's kind of like how you can sort a Windows Explorer dialog box on any column, such as file name, or file type, or dates.


Hope this clarifies the request.

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Sorry - I'm clear now.  I hadn't thought of the Import Folder window - I have a location for import folders on my desktop,  so the list is sorted by the Explorer window;  I just use the IF window to set them up,  but I can see it would be helpful to sort lots of entries if/ when you want to make settings changes...

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