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Simplifying formatting bug?



I am obsessed with the function "simplify formatting." However, after updating to 6.0.6, I don't know why it split each line by ":,)" automatically. 


Here is the link showing the example before and after simplifying formatting. 


I have known that, for solving the problem, I can paste it to text editor than paste it back to evernote. However, it is very inconvenient. And it happened since current update. 


Hope to receive any solution or good news.


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Hi.  Is this happening with just this section of text,  or with every occurence of "..)" ?  It's possible that there's some code buried in this text at that point which causes the issue,  or that those combinations of characters are an internal trigger of some sort.  Either way - does this happen in all browsers?

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I use Evernote app on mac. 

After trying several times, I guess that I found that the problem occurs when a text is "toggle bulleted list."

About one month ago, I have never meet the problem.

I tried two cases. The first case is copying citation from google scholar and pasting to evernote with and without bulleted list. The second case is note link followed by any normal text with and without bulleted list.



By the way, fortunately, in current status, clicking "simplify formatting" won't reformat the table in Evernote. But about one month ago, table in evernote will be simplified to plain text.


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I really need this - I do a lot of copy/pasting from web pages when compiling notes. Simplify Formatting was the only way I could make it readable. This bug prevents me from using Evernote for my web research notes. BTW - using Mac desktop app v6.0.6 (from Mac App store).

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+1 ! Facing the same issue. I use checklists a lot, and the simplify formatting creates random crazy newlines all over my text.


BTW, experiencing this on a Mac OS X version. Evernote 6.0.6.

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I would also be very useful if the Simply Formatting would be applied ONLY to the selected text, if there is any.

If no selection, then apply to whole Note.


This should apply to both EN Mac and EN Win.

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