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Set default preference to "View as Attachment"

alex van


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In the previous version of Evernote, under the Tools menu, there was an Options page with many many settings we could use.  One of those was "always show pdf documents as attachments."  With the latest version ALL of the optional settings are gone.  Many other features are gone, also.  So... in the Windows version of the program (not the browser-based one)...

  • How do we make "View as attachment" the default?
  • How do we force a Sync?  I go back and forth between two computers, and I need to know if they are in sync.
  • How do we search within the currently viewed notebook?  (not the entire database, and not just the current note)
  • How do we delete a notebook?

If you have any answers, I would be so appreciative.

Thank you...    Art Lieberman

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this is an

On 8/18/2016 at 5:03 PM, dubnote said:

Yes, and everytime I take an Evernote Update the darned thing will revert random notes to view Inline where they previously were attachments.


Yep, this is ridiculous and its amazing how after years of requests Evernote has still not built this feature in. I still use Evernote sparingly but have moved much of my workflow across to Devonthink for this very reason. 

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I am upset that all of my previously viewable / readable notes are now back to showing PDFs inline making a majority of my notes tedious to view and/or find things.  Please bring back the option to view ALL attachments (including and most importantly PDFs) as just that -- ATTACHMENTS!

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