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Must force close Evernote every time I close Windows 7


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Something in Evernote  keeps it running always when I want to close Windows 7 so it prevents to Windows close down.


Annoying that all other programs (GoogleDrive, Dropbox) don't effect to closing Windows , but Evernote needs to close every time before closing Windows.


I have got support advice to clear my settings and also reinstall Evernote, but it helped only for a week and so.


If I am in hurry when I leave my home desktop, I click  shut off button on Windows 7 desktop corner and close screen. 

But Evernote thinks that it has somekind of prioriy for closing system, so my desktop is on when I come back after a week.


Does someone know alternative for Evernote, witch has not closing bug?


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There are a couple of sync options that might help - in Tools > Options > Sync,  try unchecking "sync changes on exit" and "sync in the background".  That means you must sync manually if you're going to add anything important before you shut down,  but it should mean that Evernote won't hang on waiting for a sync that never happens.

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