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Mac - Preview can't read pdf - Adobe Reader can


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I am having this problem too. Mac Preview can't display some image based pdfs at all while adobe reader and the chrome browser will display them fine. So what it means is that my Evernote Mac app shows a whole lot of blank notes comprising of scanned documents, when really all the information is there it is just that I can no longer see it! (The iPhone Evernote app displays the notes fine though). This started happening in September 2016 some time. Can Scannable be updated so that it creates pdfs that Preview can read? Or is this something you as a company can raise with Apple to update Preview?

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Hi @stuart_jjj,

We just released an update to Scannable. Could you let me know if you are seeing the same issue? I haven't been able to reproduce the issue. If the issue persists after the update, just to be clear, are other image-based PDFs not created in Scannable/Evernote are appearing in Preview with no problems?

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