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Can't connect to server. Please try again later

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I am getting the above error message when I try to log into the windows app.  Just to note that if I deliberately enter an incorrect password, it correctly points out the username or password are wrong.  When I put in the correct password, the error message comes back.  I have searched answers on this which suggest disabling ssl3.  That's done but I still get the error.


All suggestions appreciated.

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Are you connecting directly to the internet?  No proxy or business firewalls in the way?  And can you see web pages normally on the computer?  If so,  you can use Evernote Web temporarily while you get this sorted out - just log in via the Menu screen to see your notes. 


It may be that the Windows app has lost a setting somewhere - I'd suggest the best option initially is to uninstall / restart your system / re-download and install the current version from Evernote.com and see whether your problem persists.


If you need to come back for more advice,  please tell us which version of Windows you're using - XP / Vista / 7 / 8?

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Thanks Gazumped,


Overnight, the issue appears to have sorted itself out!  I had a good internet connection (via windows phone), no business firewalls or proxies etc.  If it happens again, I'll uninstall and reinstall.


Thanks again,



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I had this issue and couldn't resolve it with all the suggestions about SSL and TLS from others from the following threads:




However I did manage to fix my issue. For those people still having issues, I discovered that my IE wasn't connecting to the internet. So I created a new connection in my Internet Options to connect to the Internet. After that being able to access the internet again, I was able to login to my desktop Evernote app again and everything was able to sync as per normal. 

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