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Why is there no "Code" snippet button/detection yet?

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There is even a code button here!!! For the love of anything add this to Evernote itself!! 


Whenever I copy+paste from a dark theme, it doesn't add a gray background like below, so all I see is bright neon text, no lne numbers, and no font size/type adjustment like below. 100% identical to below would be awesome:


* Code detection/selection (like below)

* Line numbers (like below)

* Font family change (like below)

* Font size changed (like below)

* Background changed (like below)

* Each row slightly different shade for readability (like below).


Everything 100% is below that we coders want already -- please implement

// Shocked that this is here, but not in Evernote itselfvar msg = "Why is this here, but not in Evernote?";alert(msg);
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I agree, this would be really helpful.


On a side note, in EN Mac 6.0.6, pasting a code snippet from a code editor (like AppleScript) *does* maintain the formatting and indents initially.  Everything looks good, even after further edits and a sync.  But as soon as you make another Note active, and then go back to the Note with code, ALL of the indents are removed.  Just fixing this problem would go a long way to making Evernote useful to store code.

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