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My certain note not sync


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i use evernote in 3 different place, office desktop, android, and home desktop. Only home desktop not display what i update it in office at that day let say monday last week. As far as i remember,  that notebook already in trash, so i resore it again which is why can go there? ane when i back to home, i see all of my notebook what i restore at office not display or vanish from my application at my laptop, but my android its normal even when i login via web i can see all of it

how to fix this case? its really annoying all my data in not display at my home, i like this application so i can update all of my activity here, and what i consent it when we want to delete one of note it will appeare notification right?, but as i remember i never delete my own notebook. Only that certain of my note from that accident not sync, but the other is safe until now

anyone know to solve this?

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Hi.  It sounds as though one or more of your computers are not connecting to the server properly.  Please check your account on the web after making changes at home to see if they have been passed along.  Also please check after making changes at work.  If you can find out which computer is not syncing with the server,  maybe we can figure out why that is...

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thanks for reply 


yeah maybe that time my connection is bad, but why till now note from that time still not display is kind of likr "hidden" but my latest memo is safe

well now i dont use evernote in my home (already uninstall several time to see if it work), instead using web at home

is kinda disappointed, but at least i can see my note from that time

i already ask support via email, and they want my log, but i wont because my data is important than this case and kinda useless

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