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Punctuation and spaces don't work in Notebook names if emailing

John Whitehead




I just set up a new notebook for utility bills called Electricity, Gas, Phone. When I tried to email into it the emailed notes ended up in the default folder. I changed to Electricity_Gas_Phone and that worked fine. But then I read that spaces were OK in the @Notebook component so I changed to Electricity Gas Phone and that worked fine too, as did Electricity,Gas,Phone (i.e. commas but no spaces). So I infer that spaces are ok, commas are ok, but commas followed by spaces (plain English) are not.


It's probably the case that Evernote sees the comma followed by a space as an attempt to file into an Elecricity notebook and a Gas notebook and a Phone notebook and as none of these are present it files in the default.


Just thought you might like to know.



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