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your feedback please (from anyone)

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I've been using Evernote for a while and I'm frustrated right now and looking for a new project management tool (which I prefer not to do).  I've been doing research and have seen that Evernote is wonderful for project management so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.  I love Evernote for my notes (I have 197 within 16 notebooks) right now, I've clipped some web articles and I'm a premium user but I'm not seeing how to set up projects, with multiple tasks, many differnt deadlines, various types of deliverables, etc.  If anyone would be so kind as to send me some suggestions on how I could use Evernote differently to assist with my actual project management, it would be great.  Any input is appreciated, even if it is to suggest a different "project management" solution...

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197 notes in 16 notebooks? If they are evenly spread out, that is only 12 notes per notebook.


Some basic thoughts in my opinion:

  • My suggestion would be to cut back your notebooks to a few major topics.
  • Start off the title with yyyymmdd followed by a consistent structure (I use date location subject person)
  • Add keywords for easier searching
  • Apply tags to tighten up your search results.
  • Learn more of the grammar search techniques. Intitle: is quite powerful
  • Read up on Reminders - for your upcoming tasks


For more advanced use, search this forum for GTD topics, such as this one:



To be honest, there are better project management programs available. Evernote is more suited for general storage. But there are ways to tweak it.

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What sort of projects are you managing?


Are you having to share tasks, data or documentation with other people?


Are you following a particular PM methodology?

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Hi, I manage a variety of projects from events to ads and internal communications. My company uses smartsheet and we do need to share info and tasks. I don't find smartsheet very user friendly. I'm not currently implementing any particular methodology (open to suggestions) as it seems like every day the task list is tossed aside to deal with unexpected items. I need something easy to use, and flexible as I do a lot of work on my iPad. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks.

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To start simply you could create a tag for each project, add it to the appropriate notes, and apply reminders as need be.  In snippet view with a tag search for a project you would get a list of reminders for the project, or a list of all reminders for all projects without the search.   I believe on IOS when you do the tag search the number of reminders icon appears on the bottom of the screen and if you press it you will get your reminders for the project.  


In any case, I would recommend giving things a trial run to see how it feels to you.  Then you can tune to your needs, or decide it's not for you.

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Sorry, I meant to come back to your thread.


If you are sharing tasks and data, then it might be that Evernote isn't the right app for you unless everyone else is also using it.


If you can convince people to use Evernote then you could share a notebook or notebooks with your team and tag your notes accordingly.


I manage large, complex projects with lots of moving people and parts - I'd never even think about using Evernote for this part of my job, it's just not the right app.


I often recommend JIRA from Atlasssian as it's a very flexible tool that works well for a wide range of projects.

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CaraG would you like to say a bit more about the nature of your projects and in what respect you want to manage them. How did you see that happening.


I'm wondering whether you are wanting to set out a timetable (timeline), timescales or work sequences and plan, apply and manage resources, team members, etc to achieve various objectives in stages to deadlines.


Evernote won't do that or there are much better ways.


Software such as Microsoft Project will do that and even large organisations like the Ministry of Justice insist on this particular named project management tool to build prisons . You would not need and probably could not afford or justify the very expensive,very sophisticated and very complicated high end project management tools such as Asta PowerProject, Primavera P6, etc


Have a look at any training videos on line about Microsoft Project - it may be what you want or seeing it  may confirm that its not what you want.


Hope that helps.



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I'm a solopreneur, a management consultant/business adviser, trying to use EN to my advantage. I can't seem to find the advantage everyone else raves about. There doesn't seem to be a lot of people offering training. Can anyone offer a source for gaining more knowledge or suggest ways to use EN in my line of work.

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Hi DanLL,


You are a solopreneur, business consultant/adviser looking for ways to use EN. What are some specific things you have to frequently complete in your line of work? Many people integrate Evernote and a task management application so they can staty on top of their ever expanding to do list.  Others create a public notebook for each client so they can collaborate together.


Julie Dionne

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First, everything isn't for everyone. It took me a long time to find a task management app that worked for me. That doesn't mean some of the ones I tried were bad; they just didn't work for how I work.


That said I really like Daniel Gold's book on how to use Evernote with GTD. It is old and probably includes outdated technical information, but it was very helpful to me.


However, you may have some other use for Evernote in mind, it would also be helpful if you detail more about what specifically you are looking for. 

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