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safari Why new Web Clipper take EVERY TIME?

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In another thread, someone from Evernote said they were going to fix the annoying pop-up tab for Clipper.  It hasn't happened.


I am running 6.06 on OS X 10.10.2.  My home page is about:home.  When I open Safari, I get my blank tab as intended, but another tab, the Web Clipper tab immediately opens.


As many people do, I often clear out my history and cookies.  So it is very annoying that the Web Clipper tab keeps opening.


I am not an Evernote power user, but I do like the program and I have it installed on all my devices, even at work.


Other programs installs stuff with a splash screen upon initial opening and then never again until an update.


So why can't Evernote.  can't the flag be set/unset in the plist file?  (Total new question there)


It doesn't happen on my Windows Firefox browser, even when I reset it.


Please fix this!

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This issues has been going on for over a year now, and all I keep reading on responses to these questions is that the fix is coming. I am a power user for Netflix and don't like Google Chrome but in order to use the Evernote clipping feature, I have to use that browser. What is the timeline on this fix? For the time being I'm using Pocket to save the page, but would rather work with Evernote. Thanks for your help.

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