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De-activated my account in error!

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Ok so I done something silly and deactivated my main evernote account in error "stevecarbyLM". In short I had 2 accounts and when I got my galaxy Note I got 120 evernote points and activated the annual premium subscription. After a month of using decided to deactivate my old standard account, however I managed to deactive my main one that I use by mistake. So I have reactivated however lost the premium entitlement I had before and struggling to get back in contact with support to be re-instated, I also require them to restore all the notes I had before.


Does anyone if this is possible?


Any help is appreciated!




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Wow.  That's one car-crash of a situation.  However.  "Deactivated" accounts still retain all of their notes,  so in theory all you should need to do is try to log in to the deactivated account with your original user details,  and followthe instructions to reactivate the account.  If you then have a second account which has some premium credits you want to retain,  or if you have any problems logging into / reactivating the original account,  submit a login/account access issue support request by choosing exactly that  - "login/account access issue" - in the first dropdown after logging into this link > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

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Hey gazumped


Thanks for your response, appreciated. As suggested I have raised a ticket reporting thissue correctly. Unfortunetly my entitlement was linked to the account I deactivated so trying to get them to reinstate that too.


Will post how this gets resolved, surely I cannot be the only person in the world this has happened to! - :-)

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