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Ordering slides in presentation mode

Mariano Tello


Hello everyone!!


I find really useful de presentation mode in Evernote, but most of the time I present more than one slide. Normally the order which slides are arranged is by modification order (which most of the times isn't useful).


The only workaround i have found is to add reminders to the notes and then re-arrenge them in the desired order, select them and present them.


Does anyone knows another workaround for this?



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Hi.  Create a Table of Contents note.  Group your notes together,  choose 'create TOC note' and then edit that note so the links are in the correct order for your slideshow.  Copy the TOC note link and then go to each of your display notes and add that link below your display area.  Jump from the TOC to slide 1;  then back again.  Then to slide two... etc.


As an option you could also copy the link for Slide 2 to the bottom of slide 1,  so you can jump directly to the next slide in the series.

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